Q. How much will it cost to stay at Kikunoya?
The rates are per house per night. If you stay at Kikunoya, the rates are \42,000 for 2 guests, \54,000 for 3 guests, \72,000 for 4 to 5 guests and \80,000 for 6 to 7 guests. 2-hours Hands-on Experience Program is \13,000 for 2 to 4 people. Some programs require material costs.
Some of our programs and some representative service can require handling charge. Please contact us for further details.
Q. How can I use the machiya?
You can use it from 15:00 p.m. on your arrival day. Before your arrival, we will contact you to confirm your arrival time by email or by phone. At your arrival time our staff will wait for you at Kikunoya to hand over the key. Then our staff will provide a brief explanation of the house and the facilities of Kikunoya. If you wish, our staff will provide a brief tour of the neighborhood.
Q. How can I make a reservation?
See the "Procedure" page,"Procedure".
Q. Can we make a reservation even if someone has already made a temporary booking?
Yes, you can make a secondary reservation. Until the payment is made, the reservation is not confirmed. So whichever party pays the charge first gets the confirmed booking.
Q. Do you provide meals?
We are sorry, but there is no meal served at Kikunoya. The machiya is not a hotel or Ryokan. You can eat out. There are many restaurants in short walking distance. Or you can cook in the kitchen of the machiya.
Q. When should I pay the charge?
You are supposed to pay it in advance. When you send us the reservation form, we will send you a pre-confirmation mail, which includes the charge, our bank account information, and the due date. You transfer the money into our saving account. When we confirm the payment, the reservation has been processed and is confirmed. We will contact you by email or by phone.
Please fill your full name in the bank transfer form to make a bank transfer. After the payment please keep your bank transfer receipt. The handling charge should be paid by the remitter.
Q. What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?
If you cancel the reservation:

= 10 days prior to your arrival date you pay 10 % of the charge.
= 3 days prior to your arrival date   you pay 30 % of the charge.
= 1 day before arrival date   you pay 50 % of the charge.
= the arrival day   you pay 70 % of the charge.
= Cancellation without prior notice   you pay 100 % of the charge.
Q. Can we change our reservation if the number of people changes?
You can change the number of people from 2 to 5. However, we cannot accept more than 5. If the number changes, please contact us as soon as possible.
Q. Can we stay with children?
Kikunoya is traditional ochaya building. It has steeper stairways and lower prevention fences than modern building.
Please stay under the sufficient supervision of guardian.
Q. Do you have minimum age requirements?
As a general rule, if everyone in the group is all under 20, you cannot make a reservation.
Q. Can I bring my pets?
Sorry, pets are not allowed at the Machiya for protection of the building.
Q. Do you have any suggestions for meals?

There are many good restaurants and bars walking distance. We can make a reservation at your request.
If you want to have a dinner at Machiya, catering services are available from restaurants in Kazue-machi. Please feel free to let us know.
Or you can cook in the kitchen of Machiya with fresh fish and vegetables from Omicho Market called Civil Kitchen which is about a 10 minute walk.
You will experience the exquisite flavors of Kanazawa's fresh and delicious food there.
If you stay on New Year's Day, we recommend you order Osechi, New Year dishes.

Q. Are there any convenience stores, food shops, or department stores nearby?
There are convenience stores and food shops near Kikunoya. In ten minutes' walk, there is a department store. Please feel free to use the refrigerator in the kitchen. (There are a little salt, pepper, soy sauce and oil.) During your stay you are in charge of your food. After you leave, we will dispose of any leftovers.
Q. Do you have a bathtub?
Yes, you can enjoy a Japanese-style bath in Machiya. Or you can also enjoy public baths. There are two nearby public baths in walking distance, which neighbors use. You can enjoy everyday life there. Please ask us about the details.
Q. Are there daily amenities in Machiya?
We provide comfortable furnishings, electrical appliances, a dryer, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, a teakettle and bedclothes. To make your stay more enjoyable, we also provide coffee beans and kaga bocha, yukata, bath towels, hand towels, face towel, body scrub towel, soap, shampoo and rinse, toothbrush, tooth paste, shaver, tea-making utencils, lacquer wares, calligraphy brushes and ink stone, and a sewing set. We also provide toiletaried for the bath. You can check the list of amenities here.
Q. Can we use the Internet?
We have high-speed wireless internet access at the machiya.
Q. Who clean the house during longer stay?
Our staff cleans the house for about 60 minutes from 11:00 a.m. every morning. Please put any used towels into the laundry box. If this schedule is not suitable for you, please let us know.
Q. Can we smoke in Machiya?
Smoking is not allowed here for protection of the building and fire prevention.
Q. Can we send our luggage via delivery service?
Yes, you can. Please let us know and send your luggage to our office, we will keep it and bring it to Machiya upon your arrival. However, we cannot accept perishabele foods. Please let us know beforehand.
Q. Is parking available? Is there a fee?
Yes, there is a parking space nearby. The fee is 1,000 yen (tax included) per night. If you come by car, please let us know in advance.
Q. Do you have a curfew?
No. Please enjoy lots of lovely time in Kanazawa. But please be considerate of our neighbors during late hours.
Q. Can we have parties late into the night at the Machiya?
You are not supposed to use the Machiya for parties late into the night. The Machiya and nearby area is on the narrow street and some neighboring houses are private residences. Please don't disturb the neighbors with loud and voices or music. If we receive noise complaints, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without refund. While we wish you to enjoy yourself to the fullest we ask that you enjoy yourself maturely and responsibly.
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