Machiya-Kanazawa has a style for 2 to 7 persons to rent a whole house.
The rates are per house per night. Of course you can stay longer.

  Kikunoya introduced a queen size bed.
  So we are prepare for a special plan for 6 to 7 guests.
  By all means, please stay here!
  Capacity:2 to 7 aduls
  Basic fee:Rate per house per night   2 guests           JPY42,000
                  (with breakfast)       (including tax-accommodation tax )
  3 guests           JPY54,000
      (including tax-accommodation tax )
  4 to 5 guests    JPY72,000
      (including tax-accommodation tax )
  6 to 7 guests    JPY80,000
      (including tax-accommodation tax, campaigin sale)
                 11 years and under:  Using bedding and towel : JPY5,500
        (including tax-accommodation tax )
   Only bed-sharing : free
                 Hands-on experience programs   2 hours            JPY13,000
      (including tax )
      (excluding materials costs )
*There is long stay discount that stay of 2 night10% discount or stay of 2 night15% discount.
*If you stay 2 nights and more, breakfast included basic fee is only first day.
*We will reduce the fee by JPY1500 per person as without breakfast
*If you have experience programs, please pay the charge aside basic charge.
*If you use some introduction or some variety service, please pay commission.
*For more information, please ask us.
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